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How safe are you with the insurance policy in your pocket?

Do you consider insurance for traveling abroad necessary and evaluate all the risks, or a policy for you – an empty formality.
Away from home, an insurance policy can be either your best friend or your worst enemy.
Imagine a climber. He also goes to the mountains with insurance: he fixes steel hooks in the rock. But in order to save life insurance, it is necessary to correctly choose it. For rocks, ice or grassy slopes. By the method of fastening and load.
Wrong choice and use of equipment makes insurance useless.
The insurance policy should be chosen as carefully as the rescue hook.

Insurance for people traveling abroad is our specialty

  • Our specialty is Providing Insurance for people traveling abroad

    We provide all types of insurance for trips within the country and abroad. The objective of "" is concerned with providing insurance and assistance to tourists and other travelers visiting abroad. We provide information pertaining to travel insurance rules, and we quote prices for various types of insurance. You can insure yourself, your time and property with various programs:

  • Insurance of medical expenses required for obtaining a visa

    Medical insurance is essential for a foreign trip. In most cases, the Insurance of tourists traveling abroad is an obligatory condition for obtaining a visa.

    Secondly, the policy provides an opportunity to receive emergency medical care in a foreign country, impose a plaster, buy medicines for the retired, urgently take a child to the hospital, and perform surgical procedures.

    In a serious case, the insurance will facilitate the transportation of an injured person back home on a special plane, which is accompanied by doctors; or repatriation of corpse in case of death.

  • Insurance against accidents of children and adults, during vacation and business trip

    Accident Insurance protects your wallet by insulating you from certain financial risks that may occur due to accidents with long lasting consequences. Trauma and other injuries sustained after an accident, can cause temporary or permanent disability, and this could be devastating for the family, especially if these issues confronts their bread winner or a child, who will be requiring subsequent medical care.

    Depending on the severity and nature of the accident, the insurance company pays a certain amount of money as compensation.

    Insurance of pregnant women traveling abroad is a special type of insurance, which is simply necessary for every woman in prenatal stage.

  • Insurance of expenses incurred as a result of cancelling a trip abroad

    The Insurance guarantees the refund of the fare, when the trip fails as a result of certain constraints. Imagine that you were not issued a visa after paying for a scheduled trip in advance, your child suddenly becomes ill, or you were summoned for a critical military assignment.

    In such cases, you will not only forfeit a fairly large amount of money without an insurance, but an opportunity to relax and properly concentrate subsequently.

  • Insurance of luggage and valuables

    In the course of a trip, it is important to insure not only yourself, but also your luggage. It's devastating to lose properties acquired through “excessive work”, due to someone's mistakes. Valuable things, such as antiques, precious stones, icons, securities are insured under special insurance programs.

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