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About us

www.Insure.travel is a web portal which exclusively specializes in travelers’ insurance. “Insure Travel” provides a wide range of health insurance services for tourists and other groups of people travelling outside their permanent residence (labor migrants, students and athletes). In addition to health insurance services, we offer the opportunity to insure international travelers against the risks of:

  • Accidents.
  • Civil liability.
  • Baggage loss and
  • Flight delays.

Insurance for travelers abroad

Selection of suitable insurance

We compare the terms and conditions of large companies, and offer the best insurance option which could be standard insurance for visa or insurance with advanced options.

Under the minimum tariffs

We sell policies at current rates without incurring an extra charge. We also offer a discount up to 50% for people traveling in groups.

Global Service

Do you need to quickly acquire a policy, or have you traveled without insurance? We can provide you the desired policy online, 24 hours in every 7 days from any part of world.

Save time

You need not exhaust your time and effort in comparing different insurance companies’ prices, terms and conditions from several offices.

You could purchase an insurance policy in just seven (7) minutes

Specify the country and travel dates in the calculation section

In the section of the insurance calculation section, the minimal cost of insurance will be displayed.

Specify additional risks (if any) and select the insurance amount

The system will automatically recalculate the cost of the policy.

Click the “buy” button in front of the selected insurance
Fill out the details of the travelers, then specify the details of your card for payment

The specified name of the travelers should coincide with the exact names in their passports.

Click the “pay” button

An electronic insurance policy will be sent to your email.
The information about your insurance is automatically transferred to the insurance companies.

Print out your policy

All policies are signed by an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) and completely imprinted on the insurance policy paper.
All visa centers and consulates of foreign countries acknowledge and accept the print electronic version of signatures.

Become our partner!

We invite employers, organizers of trips, representatives of sports clubs to cooperate.
Cooperation is possible with both the legal and natural persons.

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