Center of insurance for traveling abroad
St.Petersburg: +7 (812) 930-53-56
Free from Russia: 8 (800) 350-15-56
Free from USA: +1 (844) 449-13-56

Our company operates throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries. For a free call from any region of Russia, you can use the number 8 (800) 350-15-56.

Our office in Moscow

Address: Moscow, st. Myasnitskaya, 13, p. 20

Multichannel telephone: +7 (499) 350-15-56 (applications are accepted around the clock, without holidays)


Our office in St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg , Nevsky Prospekt 22, 3rd Floor, Office 23

Multichannel telephone: +7 (812) 930-53-56 (applications are accepted around the clock, without holidays)


Official representative of the company "" - ООО "Happy ticket "

PSRN: 1097847076480

TIN: 7841405150

Legal address : 191123 St. Petersburg, st. Tchaikovsky, d. 47k, lit. Zh, c.V., p.7H

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