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Insurance to Spain

A reliable travel insurance can protect you from subsequent medical expenses, especially as a foreigner in Spain, and from a country that is not a member of the European Union (EU). Travelling to Spain without a medical insurance may warrant extra expenses that can be avoided.

General Information about insurance to Spain

Do I need an insurance while travelling to Spain?

Yes, you require an insurance to travel to Spain. The following reasons below explains why you need an insurance to Spain.

Spain is a Schengen country, and it is mandatory to acquire a Schengen Travel Insurance cover before travelling to any of the twenty six countries within the Schengen area.

And as such, you must pay for a Schengen insurance before embarking on a trip to Spain. The minimum amount of coverage required while traveling to Spain is EUR 30,000 for your medical expenses and cases of repatriation.

Besides being a member of the Schengen Area Member States, Spain is a member of EU, and article 19 of the EU regulation mandates the possession of a valid travel medical insurance by visa applicants requiring either single or multiple entries into Spain or other EU member countries. However, exceptions exists for holders of diplomatic passports and applicants belonging to a particular professional group, like seafarers who are already covered by a travel medical insurance due to their professional activities.

In addition, it is recommended that you obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC will enable you to access necessary health care services at a reduced cost. But if you intend visiting for a short period, the EHIC will grant you access to free health care services. EHIC covers pre-existing medical condition, provided you are not visiting for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. It also covers regular maternity care, provided you are not in Spain for the sole purpose of giving birth. Beware that EHIC is not an alternative to a medical insurance. Hence, you must adhere to the EU regulations and requirements of the EU consular.

Covers medical expenses confronting you in cases of acute illness and injury. Your medical insurance will also covers:

  • Consultation of authorized physician at an authorized hospital.
  • Medical prescription by a general doctor or specialist like a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.
  • Transportation to hospital by ambulance.
  • Hospitalization at authorized hospitals.
  • Provision of pain relieving dental treatment.
  • Repatriation to your country of residence.
  • Treatment of pre-existing, chronic or recurrent illness and disorder based on certain conditions stated in your insurance policy.

If you possess an insurance policy which includes a trip cancellation option, your expenses on the initial flight ticket will be covered by your insurer.

The following trip cancellation cases demands coverage from the insurance company:

  • The death of the insured or close relatives.
  • Sudden illness of the insured or sustenance of severe injuries requiring hospitalization.
  • The insured is declared medically unfit to embark on a trip.
  • The insured’s embassy of residence or the EU advises against all trips to the Spanish territory, immediately after the insured had purchased insurance or the Spanish authority forbids entrance from the insured’s country of residence shortly after acquiring the insurance.
  • Change in travelling plan due to the condition of the airline.

If you include this option in your insurance schedule, the insurance will cover any case that may cause the delay or postponement of your journey as a result of certain conditions, shortly after acquiring your ticket to Spain. When you experience a travel delay, your insurance will compensate for any inconveniences warranting accommodation, feeding and subsequent transportation required to embark on your planned trip, provided you document these expenses.

Your insurance will cover or protect you from the following situations:

  • Delay of more than five hours of an initially booked transportation.
  • Cancellation of an initially purchased ticket.
  • Overbooking a pre-booked transportation.

This insurance covers the occurrence of unexpected events that may confront you while travelling to Spain or during the period spent at Spain. This particular insurance covers accidents that directly results in the following cases:

  • Death or permanent disability without prior illnesses.
  • Injuries like loss of limbs, loss of extremity or loss of sight.

The insurance company’s liability shall not exceed a sum of USD 750,000/ EUR 525,000/ GBP 450,000 in the aforementioned events.

Insurance Coverage

In this section we enlighten you about cases that can be covered by your insurance policy and some exceptional cases that can’t be possibly handled.

Your travel insurance to Spain should cover you from:

  • Medical Expenses
    Your insurance policy document will covers expenses on medical consultation at an authorized hospital in Spain. It will covers outpatient treatment, provision of ambulance transport and hospitalization when you are severely injured or experiencing an acute illness.
  • Repatriation
    Your insurance will cover all reasonable additional expenses incurred during an emergency evacuation to your country of residence, due to a serious acute illness, severe accident or death.
  • Trip cancellation
    As stated earlier in section 3.2, your insurance company will ensure that your transport expenses are compensated when you cancel your trip for a reasonable excuse. It will also reimburse any expenses arising from the purchase of another ticket, provided your claims are supported by documented evidence.
  • Loss of baggage
    Baggage include your personal properties like passport, credit card, briefcase, cash, mobile phone, laptop and important documents. In cases involving the loss of baggage to thieves or accidental damage, your insurance company will cover such losses.
  • Personal liability
    Your insurance policy document has the capability of protecting you from consequences associated with injuring or destroying a third party’s property, especially when you are at fault. If you are detained or arrested as a result of violating the law in Spain, the insurance will provide coverage to the best of its capacity. The coverage could be legal or financial, depending on the nature of offence committed.
  • Sport Travel
    Accidents or injuries associated during winter sports like skiing or mountaineering can be covered to some extents.

The insurance company may refuse to pay the insurance in some cases:

  • In case of suicide or deliberate self-harm, the insurance company will not pay for medical expenses.
  • Medical insurance will not cover the costs, if the contract were provided with false information about the state of your health or risks assumed in the journey.
  • If your accident is due to drug abuse or intoxication by alcohol, you will be treated at your own expense.
  • Insurance companies will not be liable for payments involving the treatment of menstrual disorders, conservation, management of pregnancy, artificial insemination, pregnancy prevention, and treatment of impotence.
  • Insurance will not cover trips to places experiencing civil unrest, act of terrorism, war or natural disaster.
  • Travelling for the purpose of medical treatment.
  • Your insurance coverage will fail if the accidents are experienced as a result of your fault. For example, if you don’t pay attention to risk reports and updates provided by your insurer.
  • It is dispensable to bathe where sharks are seen, and on the shores that prohibits bathing. Hence, avoid unfamiliar water bodies. They may contain deadly, poisonous animals and insects that cause possible paralysis. It is not advisable to climb mountains with deadly signs and warning of avalanches or rock falls.
  • More so, it is important to remember that the mismatch of costs with service can be a reason for rejecting compensation.

What shall I do in case something happen?

  • In the case of an emergency or distress, call your insurance company’s number provided in your insurance document.
  • Explain all details and symptoms confronting your situation to the insurer’s customer care agent.
  • The agent will direct you to the address of the nearest recommended hospital.
  • Do not pay for expensive medical bills without written consent of the insurance company, unless you are in a critical medical condition.
  • Provide your insurance card to the proper medical staff in the hospital, and consult the recommended physician.
  • Go to the recommended pharmacy, issue the doctor's prescription and obtain prescribed drugs.
  • Keep all receipts, schedule dates and transportation tickets confirming expenses on treatment, medicine, medical procedures, operations and transportation.

Average prices for most common medical services

Medical services from public hospitals are free for both citizens of Spain and foreigners from countries belonging to EU.

Stated below are common medical services and prices:

  • Medical Consultation
    Consulting a general doctor in a private hospital could cost about Euro 60. While the cost of consulting a specialist could be between 70 to 110 euros.
  • Surgery Cost of surgery could range from 1,650 to 110 euro for various kinds of surgeries.
  • Vaccination
    Vaccination ranges from 10 to 110 euros, depending on the lasting period of the vaccine and purpose .
  • Ambulance
    Expenses on ambulance could cost 20 to 120 euros.

Emergency Contact and free medical Assistance (Red Cross)

In case of medical emergency, you could also reach out to the Red Cross for free medical assistance. You never can tell, this could be useful, especially when your insurance contract is expired or unable to remedy your situation as a result of certain conditions. Stated below are some contact information of the Spanish Red Cross organization:
Tel: (34) (91) 335 44 44 / 91 522 22 22 (Emergency) / 91 335 45 45
Fax: (34) (91) 335 44 55 / 91 335 45 55 (Emergency)
Telex: 23853 OCCRE E / 47064 CRCNC (Emergency)
Email: informa@cruzroja.es
Web: http://www.cruzroja.es/


Health Risk

According to Center for Disease Control (CDC) and prevention travelers heading towards Spain stand the risk of acquiring the following deadly diseases:

  • Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis A outbreaks occur throughout the world and sometimes in countries with a low risk for hepatitis A (including the US). Hepatitis A is usually caused by intake of contaminated food or water, consult the doctor to determine if you are not allergic to hepatitis A vaccine.
  • Hepatitis B
    Hepatitis B can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, infected needles, and blood products, The CDC recommends that you receive the Hepatitis vaccine to prevent infection due to unplanned sex, errors during medical procedures. Hepatitis B is usually prevented by Recombivax HB vaccine.
  • Rabies
    Rabies is a virus that is usually present in bats, wolves, dogs and cats. And as such it is caused by sustaining an injury from bites or scratches of infected animals. Hence, you should always avoid unfamiliar animals. You should monitor and administer anti-rabies vaccines to your pets on a regular bases. If you intend camping or hunting in remote areas, then you are advised to immunize yourself before travelling out. This also applies to zoologists and veterinarians.

Animal, insects, natural disasters, weather and climate

You should beware of some dangerous animals and insects like bears, wild boars, packs of wolves, snakes, caterpillars, spiders, tiger mosquitoes and scorpions. These animals and insect could be harmful to you and your pets.

The most common natural disaster in Spain is flooding caused by storm. But other natural disasters include earthquake and hurricane in the canary island.

There are three main climates in Spain:

  • Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.
  • Oceanic climate, predominant in the northern part of the country.
  • Semi-Arid climate, which is predominant in the southern part of the country.


While embarking on a trip to Spain, you should beware of criminal activities like:

  • Murder.
  • Drug trafficking and cocaine smuggling.
  • Street crime committed against tourist in place like Madrid and Barcelona. These crimes are not limited to mugging, pickpocketing and occasional violent attacks.

Road Accident statistics in Spain

The line chart below depicts the rate of road traffic accidents experienced in Spain from 2006 to 2015.

Road Accident statistics in Spain


There are tendencies for the occurrence of terrorist attacks in Spain, due to the porosity of its borders. Places frequently visited by foreigners are likely to be targeted.

The ETA terrorist organization has not launched an attack since 2009. In April 2017, they declared “unilateral disarmament” and surrendered their weapons to the authorities.

You should note that the Spanish authorities take measures to protect visitors, but you should be vigilant and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

How to obtain an insurance policy online

In the insure.travel website, provide following detail in the form:

  • Your options.
  • Destination country.
  • Source country.
  • Date of departure.
  • Return date.
  • Choose the number of travels from the drop down list.
  • Click on the “calculate cost” button.

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