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Types of insurance

If you have already traveled abroad, you are surely faced with the fact that you need to acquire an insurance policy before obtaining a visa. But what kind of insurance policy is required? Several tourists are conversant with the medical insurance policy, but unaware of other types of insurance policies. There are several categories of insurance policies which are designed for several kinds of situations and purpose.

Medical Expenses Insurance

This insurance is similar to the "Standard" medical insurance, which is offered by almost every travel agency. It includes a minimum set of insurance services by default.
The medical insurance policy covers:

  • The cost of emergency medical care
  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Hospitalization
  • Medical prescription and purchase of necessary medical products (within the insurance policy’s limit)

In some occasions, the medical insurance policy may cover the expenses involved in repatriating the traveler to his or her homeland. In order to reap the benefits offered by the insurance, tourists must carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. These terms and conditions specify instructions and actions that must be performed when an insured event occurs, and it also enumerates some exceptional cases in which the coverage is refused.

If medical policy is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to one country or another, then it is imperative to clarify the minimum amount of insurance. The minimum amount of the insurance may range from 10,000 to 50,000 euros. For more information about the minimum amount of insurance for a visa, check the visa insurance section.

Medical expenses will not be covered in the following cases:

  • Travelling for the purpose of treatment.
  • Accidents associated with radioactive.
  • Pre-existing conditions which persisted for at least six months before the trip.
  • If the medical expenses are related to the treatment of chronic diseases. Check the Insurance for chronic diseases section.
  • If the medical costs are associated with treatment of mental illness, congenital anomalies, venereal diseases, AIDS and etc.
  • If the medical costs are associated with any type of prosthetic procedure, including dental implants.
  • If the treatment of a tourist is carried out by relatives abroad, irrespective of whether they possess a doctor's license.
  • If the medical expenditure is associated with plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, especially if the surgery is not due to an injury.
  • Several insurance companies may refuse to provide coverage for medical expenses involving pregnancy. For further clarifications check the section concerning insurance for pregnant women.

Never carry out medical procedures without informing the designated insurance company, as this may result in denial of the insurance payment. Always preserve all checks for medical services until the insured amount is paid.

If you are going to engage in any active sport during the vacation, then you should include the coverage of such risk in your insurance policy, otherwise you may be liable for the medical expenses resulting from any injury sustained while skiing. And always read the Insurance Rules carefully. Several insurance companies classify cycling as an active form of leisure. Check the Sport Insurances for more details.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance is a subset of health insurance.

Why is it required?

If a tourist breaks a leg during an exercise, the insurance company will not pay for his or her treatment under the health insurance policy?

The insurance company may cover the cost associated with such an accident, but they may not provide compensation for an accidents associated with critical injuries like dismemberment of body parts or loss of extremities, except this insurance is acquired. More so, if the tourist becomes disabled as a result of an injury, the insurance company will not continue to fund the treatment or grant other necessary health support after returning to his/her country of resident.

The insurance company will cover the victim’s treatment, depending on the severity of the injury. Check the Accident insurance section for more details.

Insurance of luggage and valuables

This type of insurance is meant to provide coverage if the insured tourist losses his or her baggage during the trip. In this case, the compensation is directly specified when concluding an insurance contract, and depends on the value of damaged or lost property. Check Insurance of luggage and valuables section.

An important role in this case is played by the means of transportation and the destination country. For example, if the insured intends travelling to Thailand, then the probability of experiencing property theft becomes much higher than strolling around a museum in Berlin. Check Insurance in the countries of the world for more details.

If the insurance company proves that the luggage was lost due to negligence, the insured will not receive the benefit of this insurance. Some insurance companies refuse to insure valuable properties (expensive equipment, jewelry). It's better to exclude such expensive belongings from the luggage, monitoring and holding them in a hand luggage. The occurrence of an insured event must be reported and documented by the carrier.

Trip Cancellation

This type of insurance can protect a tourist from the risk of forcefully canceling a trip for reasons specified in the insurance contract (refusal to issue a visa, injury, death of close relatives, etc.) A full list of reasons should be specified by the insurer.

  • This type of insurance is one of the most expensive and depends on the cost of the tour (the cost of this insurance policy can be 10% of the total cost of the tour).
  • Tourists may be denied payment of this insurance, if they were previously refused a visa.
  • If at the time of acquiring an insurance policy, the tourist was under investigation or suffering from chronic diseases with high probability of being aggravated at any time.

Personal Liability insurance

This type of insurance provides assistance to a tourist when he or she is sued in a foreign territory. If evidence suggests that the insured inflicted damages or injury on a third party unintentionally, the insurance company will incur the financial costs. Check the section pertaining to Insurance of personal liability. The payment of insurance will be denied if the harm was caused under influence of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. The insured must not sign any document before contacting the insurance company, especially confessions of guilt.

Search and rescue insurance

During the vacation, the tourist may lose his or her bearing or fall behind his or her companions, especially in mountainous terrain. In such cases, it will be necessary to organize search and rescue operations (which are usually very expensive). This type of insurance is designed to cover the cost of search and rescue operations and transportation (if necessary) of a tourist to the nearest medical institution. Check Search and rescue insurance section for details.

Travel insurance by car

If you travel to another country by car, then you will definitely need an insurance policy. The most common type of insurance policies in this case is a green card. Green card. Besides the green card there are also brown, white, pink and etc. Travel Insurance by car.

All these types of international car insurance assume an international version of OSAGO. You can get an international car insurance policy both at the office of the insurance company and at the border. The cost of these insurance policies are the same for all insurance companies and depends on the age and driver's driving experience, type and technical condition of the car, as well as the duration of the trip.

Property insurance for the period of rest

This type of insurance protects the insured’s property during his or her absence from the country. Typically, such insurance programs include the main risks for property insurance and civil liability. It covers the loss or damage of property as a result of the following situations:

  • Fire
  • Flooding and other kinds of natural disasters
  • Theft

Refusal to pay insurance policy

Regardless of the type of insurance policy chosen by the insured, the insurance payment will be denied in the following cases:

  • Infringement of the insurance rules by the insured Tourist. Or failure to comply with the insurer’s instructions during an insured event.
  • Exceeding the maximum amount of insurance due to the nature of damage sustained.
  • If the insured event is due to the fact that the tourist took part in a war, riot, mass protest, etc.
  • If the insured event occurs as a result of committing an unlawful offense. Or the insured tourist deliberately breaks the law.
  • If the tourist requires compensation for moral damage.
  • If the insured event is caused as result of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

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