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Travel Insurance for the Elderly

Insurance of the elderly

The processes of aging varies individually, and as such; the age of an individual may not determine such individual’s health condition. Some Individual in their early 70s are exceptionally healthier, adventurous and vibrant than others in their 50s. People within the age group of 60 to 70 years fancy travelling abroad, tourism and less demanding sport exercises. However, majority of the elderly people are fragile and predisposed to various health issues.

Despite the advancement in health technology, most elderly people still struggle with diabetes, oncogenesis, stress, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, impaired vision, arthritis, digestive dysfunction and etc., and as a consequence of this; they are posed with greater risks while travelling abroad. For instance some elderly people develop poor lung and cardio vascular functions which subject them to risk during long distance flight of high altitudes coupled with low oxygen pressure level.

Cost of obtaining travel insurance for the Elderly

Premiums for elderly travel insurance may vary according to several insurers, age, health status, risk coefficient, trip duration, travel frequency, included options and presence of pre-existing conditions. For instance a risk coefficient of 1.75 to 2.0 is applied for people within the age group of 65-69 years, and a coefficient of 2.25 to 3.0 is applied for people within the age group of 70 to 74 years, and some insurance companies may be reluctant to provide insurance coverage for people above 74 years, due to the frequency of illness and high rate of mortality at that period.

Several specialist Insurance companies offer policies with extensive range of coverage for various medical conditions common among elderly people. They provide coverage for pre-existing conditions at an exorbitant premium. For instance, it is expected that the premium for insuring a cancer patient will be very high compared to the price of insuring someone with back aches.

Types of Elderly Travel Insurance

Insurance companies offer different forms of travel insurance documents, and these travel insurance are not limited to the following below.

Designed to cover the elderly insured for several trips all through the year. If the insured is a type of person that travels frequently, this type of insurance will be suitable.

Provides coverage for a trip and it is affordable for individuals intending to travel once.

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