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Travelers’ Sport Insurance for Travelers

The regular travel insurance will not cover risks associated with sports activities, unless the policy document specifies that these activities are covered.

Several Travelers participate in various recreational activities when they go abroad for vacations, tourism or national competitions. They participate in activities like hockey, football, skiing, cycling and marathon. These activities are usually associated with various kinds of risks of varying degrees. The consequences of incurring such a risk could be expensive and devastating, coupled with the fact that several travelers do not expect what they experience during these activities.

Fortunately, the travelers’ sport insurance covers the expenses incurred by insured travelers and tourists, when they sustain injuries during sports and regular exercise.

Apart from supporting the insured traveler with coverage of personal injuries during some demanding and adventurous sport events, the travelers’ sports insurance is capable of handling other additional options, provided they are included in the sports insurance plan. These additional options usually include accident insurance, personal liability insurance, baggage insurance and other non-medical options.

Travelers’ sport insurance guarantees the coverage of expenses incurred by the insured as a consequence of sustaining injuries while participating in sport events or rigorous exercises. It may also provide coverage for either professionals or amateur competitions, depending on the risk coefficient associated with such sports. The premium of a particular sport activity is influenced by its risk coefficient. For instance, the risk coefficient of a competitive or rigorous sport event will be higher. Hence, a rigorous or adventurous sport will require an expensive premium. The risk coefficient may also be high for older travelers above the age of 65 years.

Reasons for purchasing Travelers’ sports insurance option

Travelers, tourists and professionals are required to purchase a suitable sport insurance option for the following reasons:

  • The regular travel insurance may not offer enough coverage for expenses incurred by individuals intending to partake in various kinds of sport events, and as such, the travelers’ sports insurance is meant to cover the remaining expenses.
  • Several injuries sustained during sports or rigorous outdoor activities may be covered by the travelers’ sport insurance, provided the insured had purchased the travelers’ sport insurance.
  • Apart from covering personal injuries, the travelers’ sport insurance is capable of covering expenses as a consequence of settling charges for offending or inflicting pains on a third-party during a sport event, provided the insured includes the personal liability insurance option. This will safe-guard the insured’s income to a certain extent.

Coverage provided by Travelers’ sports insurance

Provided the travelers’ sport insurance option is included by the insured, this option will provide coverage in accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions. Most of these terms and conditions differs, and all insurance companies may provide different kinds of coverage which depends on the risk level associated with certain kinds of sport events and exercises. But in general, the following may be covered by the travelers’ sports insurance:

  • Personal accidents experienced during sports activities like swimming, cycling, surfing, skiing and other endurance exercises like trekking, marathon and weight lifting and etc. Provided such an individual participates in these exercise with the required equipment. For instance, it will be difficult to obtain coverage when an individual sustains an injury during a hockey game in which such individual participated without wearing the complete set of protective gears. It will be hard to obtain the right coverage if the insured traveler sustains severe injuries as a result of partaking in a cycling exercise without a crash helmet and driving license, or swimming without safety equipment.
  • Travelers’ Sports Insurance may provide coverage for Mountain climbing, provided it is not prohibited by the laws of such place to carry out such an exercise at such location.
  • Endurance exercises like trekking, marathon and weight lifting, provided the insured does not exceed the recommended capacity.
  • Damage or theft of sporting equipment and important sporting materials.
  • Ambulance for an emergency evacuation to treatment facilities.
  • Rescue and search operations, provided the premium is worth such an offer. Rescue and search operations in area associated with either mountainous terrains or swamps may require huge resources like rescue team, helicopters and significant amount time. Hence, it may be very expensive and exhaustive. If the insured plans to participate in an adventurous sport, then such in individual should read the policy document to determine if it covers rescue and search operations.

It is highly recommended that individuals consult their potential insurers to have a complete insight on coverages that are being offered by their travelers’ sport insurance. There is no significance in purchasing a plan that will not suit the individual’s life style.

Exceptions to coverage

Several insurance companies exclude the coverage of some kind of sport events. Hence, individuals who intend to participate in sport events should make adequate inquiry about exclusions:

  • Some insurers will not be responsible for covering the cost of any accident associated with participating in sport activities at a volatile or dangerous environment. For instance, swimming in prohibited water bodies associated with deadly creatures and extreme conditions.
  • Participating in reckless and unlawful vehicle races, especially in countries where it is prohibited by the law to participate in such events.
  • Injuries caused intentionally or as a consequence of negligence on the part of the insured.
  • Participating in sport events and exercise without using the required equipment. For instance rappelling down the cliff or across valleys without crash helmets or playing hockey without protective gloves, helmets, shin guards, protective pants and gears.
  • Performing rigorous exercises without being medically and physically fit.
  • Pre-existing conditions.

Additional facts

This article presents this topic in general, but there are several insurance companies that provide the travelers’ sports insurance based on different sets of terms and conditions. That is why it is imperative to study the coverage capacity and exclusions in the insurance policy document. Though the insurance policy documents may contain several insurance terminologies that are unfamiliar to novices. Hence it is wiser to consult the experts for assistance. These experts are the customer care personnel of the insurance companies.

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