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Medical Expenses Insurance

Insurance of medical expenses

Health insurance will significantly reduce your cost of treatment and medical assistance time when travelling abroad, (deleted; redundant) Consulting a doctor abroad without insurance can cost upwards of $800, and treatment in hospitals could cost $200 for just one hour. An air ambulance alone can cost $15,000. A diagnosis might take up to two months. Overall, seeking medical care abroad can be very stressful and time consuming to arrange.

However, if you are insured, these costs will be borne by the insurance company. Health insurance abroad covers several expenses considered in this article and other articles on our website.

Insurance covers the following expenses:

  • Costs of conveying the patient to the nearest hospital and having a signed agreement with the insurance company.
  • Provision of an ambulance.
  • Organization of an air ambulance, especially if the client is in a remote location.
  • Alerting rescuers if a rescue operation is required at sparsely populated areas, like mountains, the ocean, forest or deserts.
  • Expenses involving medical examination. Particularly in times of distress, such as accident or sudden sickness.
  • Cost of urgent diagnosis.
  • Urgent dental care and the elimination or suppression of acute pains and injuries sustained during sports or other recreational activities. These situations are commonly associated with professional athletes.
  • Cost of medicine prescribed by the doctor: medical procedures, bandages, antiseptic and disinfectants.
  • Organizing emergency life-saving surgery and providing a stress-free relocation of clients to their home countries if the desired operation can’t be done in their current location.
  • Securing economy class round-trip ticket. Also, arranging accomodations for a family member who wishes to visit a sick client or tourist requiring treatment for a long duration.
  • Cost of repatriation in the event of unexpected death caused by accident or sudden illness.
  • Cost of life-saving emergency aid for relief of acute pain.

How do you calculate the cost of insurance?

First, provide country and travel dates on the form. Within 30 seconds, the system will perform the necessary calculations and display the minimum prices of insurance policies from reputable insurers. Next, you will specify additional options and risk levels.

The cost of acquiring health insurance while travelling abroad

On average, the cost of acquiring medical insurance for a tourist is 0.52 USD per day. The total cost of insurance depends on several factors.

Destination Country

Ultimately the cost of insurance depends on your destination, length of travel, purpose of your trip, and any additional risk specified in your insurance policy. The living conditions in different countries can also influence the cost of insurance. For instance, countries offering expensive medical services will require a large premium and vice versa. For example, insurance for a vacation in Switzerland or the United States can be more expensive than a trip to Thailand. While insurance coverage of 15,000 Euro or USD will be sufficient for a vacation in Thailand, insurance coverage ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 Euro or USD is recommend for obtaining a Schengen visa or travelling to the United States.

Tables for calculating policy cost from insurance companies all over the world contains 1-4 zones. The information provided in these tables serves as a tool for calculating cost of insurance. These tables are also known as “Tariff circular”.

Trip Duration

While it may seem obvious that the cost of insurance coverage varies with the trip duration, you should know that the insurance coverage amount is determined by the Tariff circular. When calculating the cost of insurance, you will notice a higher price per day for a trip lasting 3 to 7 days than a trip for 365 days. (Not sure if I translated this correctly – want to be clear about what is being said here).

Activities and sports

The possibility of risk varies with different activities, so if you decide to relax at the beach or tour museums abroad, the risk of having an accident or being sick will be much less than the risk associated with engaging in activities such as going to a ski resort, kite surfing, or diving. The cost of insurance is greatly influenced by travelling for sport activities involving certain degree of risk. The risk level for trips ranges from 2 to 6. You can read more about risk levels on our website.

Operating Activities

Travelling with the aim of working abroad can also increase the premium.

The presence of chronic diseases

An increase in the cost of insurance may arise if the client has a chronic illness or disease that could be exacerbated by unusual conditions or increased physical activity.

Age of the insured

Insurance of medical expenses is estimated by multiplying factors. Hence, insurance becomes expensive when it covers the trip of a young child or elderly tourist, who is not as healthy as a middle-aged man.

Travelling in a group

Discounts are offered in cases where the collective insurance covers a group of at least 15 people. Insurance companies can award a 10 to 50% discount to young, healthy people travelling together.

Payment policy, including several insurance risks

A discount of 15% is awarded when the insurance policy covers additional expenses other than health services. These additional expenses include trip cancellation or shortening, civil liability, and accident.

What Should I do if the insured event occurs?

In the insurance policy document you will see a phone number for the insurance company’s service center. This center is always available, including every day of the week and on holidays. The employees of the service centers will answer you in their native language and provide immediate assistance and advice on what to do during distress. This phone number should always be with you. A good idea is to save the service center number as a contact in your phone.

In the case of an emergency, inform the service center as soon as possible. Call and tell the employee your social security number, passport identification number, address, phone number, and what happened to you.
If you get sick, medical transport and care will be organized. In cases of civil liability, the insurance company’s lawyer will represent you. A comprehensive search will be organized if you lose your baggage.
You need to comply with all requirements of the service center staff in order to provide access to your medical records.
If you decide to call the hotel where you are staying, do not trust the operator or concierge. Do it yourself to avoid being duped by fraudulent operators or concierges who could call a corrupt doctor posing to provide services on behalf of the insurance company and inflating the medical bills thereafter.

Usually, the insurance contract stipulates that you first call the customer service center before seeking treatment. However, if you fail to call the service center, they will need documents explaining the reason that you did not appeal to the insurance company. In such cases, try to keep all receipts, schedule dates, and transportation tickets confirming expenses on treatment, medicine, medical procedures, operations, and transportation.
Bear in mind that if the contract stipulates a compulsory service call and coordination from customer service center, your insurance payment may be denied. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the agreement stated in your insurance policy document.

Cases that may attract the refusal of insurance payments

The insurance company may refuse to pay the insurance claim or cover treatment in some cases. For instance, in the case of suicide or deliberate self-harm, the insurance company will not pay for medical expenses.
Medical insurance will not cover the cost of treatment, if the statements you provided in the contract about the state of your health or the risks assumed in your journey were false.

If your accident is due to intoxication by alcohol or drugs, you will be treated at your own expense. Insurance companies will not cover the cost of treating chronic and venereal cases like hepatitis B which requires hemodialysis, blood diseases, AIDS, cancer, mental disorders, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.

Insurance companies will assist in cases of pregnancies only when it is necessary to save both the life of mother and child. They will not be liable for payments involving the treatment of menstrual disorders, conservation, management of pregnancy, artificial insemination, pregnancy prevention, or treatment of impotence.

Health insurance does not cover the treatment of injuries if they are received in betting, civil war, or street riots. Health insurance abroad does not provide payment for treatment in a country experiencing extensive natural disasters or quarantine due to epidemics of infectious diseases.

Health insurance coverage will also be denied if the accident or injury is the tourist’s fault. For example, if someone does not to pay attention to warnings or signs of danger.

Therefore, it is not advised to swim where there are sharks, or in areas that prohibit bathing. Bodies of water may contain deadly or poisonous animals and insects that could possibly cause injury or paralysis. It is also not advisable to climb mountains in dangerous areas or that have a propensity for avalanches or rock falls.

It’s important to remember that the mismatch of costs with service can be a reason for rejecting compensation.


Insuring medical expenses while travelling abroad will protect tourists and travellers from unforeseen and unplanned costs. Medical insurance is recommended to supplement travel insurance of liabilities like luggage, trip cancellation and changes of terms.
Browse through our website for more information regarding the various types of insurance and choose the most convenient program for your needs.

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