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Dental Insurance for Travelers

Insurance of stomatology

Dental Insurance is an extensive insurance that handles most of the cases which may not be covered by the regular medical insurance purchased by travelers, tourists and other foreigners before leaving their countries of residence.

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is designed to provide affordable access to oral and dental care, assistance in payment of basic preventive and fundamental services for travelers.

Coverage provided by Dental Insurance

Coverage services may vary from one plan to another, but typically these services include:

  • Regular Cleanings.
  • Filling of gaps.
  • Crowns and root Canals.
  • X-rays.
  • Oral Examinations by the Dentist.

Limits to Dental Insurance coverage

Though, Dental Insurance is designed to take care of the insured’s dental requirements, but several insurance companies will not provide an immediate coverage for expensive dental treatments immediately after the insured purchases the dental insurance plan. These dental treatments are usually associated with critical parts of the teeth. The dental treatments are not limited to the following below:

  • Tooth/teeth Extractions.
  • Cavity: a hole in the teeth/ tooth as result of bacterial decay.
  • Root Carnal.
  • Crowns.
  • Denture.
  • Tooth/teeth implant.
  • Bridges.
  • Tooth and gum decay.
  • And other dental procedures and surgeries associated with correcting the irregularities of the teeth.

How does Dental insurance work?

It is necessary to remember that insurance providers have a preferred provider network, which the insured most receive dental treatments from. And as such it is recommended that the traveler finds a robust dental insurance plan that is highly accepted by the Dentists in the intended destination.

Dental insurance usually consists of cost sharing requirements like deductibles and co-pays for some oral health care services. Hence, expensive procedures involving treatment of crowns and root canals may be influenced by co-pays and deductibles, which depends on the plan selected by the insured.

Visiting an online health insurance portal to browse the available plans may assist travelers in gaining insights about the portion of bill payments required for routine procedures like office visitations, cleanings and possible dental emergencies requiring dental surgeries within the intended destination country.

The traveler should note that some dental insurance plans have different waiting period for a specific dental service. Therefore, if the traveler suddenly needs expensive dental surgery, it is probable that such surgeries may not be covered immediately after purchasing the plan. Therefore studying and mastering various plans which the traveler considers purchasing will position such an individual to acquire a suitable dental insurance plan.

For instance, some companies may cover treatments of tooth/teeth irregularities associated with crown, root and canal or bridge at a certain percentage during the first period. And in subsequent period the percentage coverage provided by the insurance will be increased. This percentage increase continuous to rise until a stipulated limit. The coverage offered by plans from several insurance companies do not extend above 80%, and only a few of them may sell plans that are capable of providing 80% coverage of the exact initial sum.

Types of Dental insurance plan

Dental insurance plans are grouped into two major types, namely:

  • Preferred –Providers Organization (PPO) and
  • Indemnity policies.

The PPO plan, requires the insured traveler to receive dental treatments from Dentists within the insurance company’s network of preferred providers. Expenses arising from not going to these group of Dentists, might not be compensated. At times, the insured may be compensated with a reduced fraction of the payable amount, as consequence of not receiving dental treatment and care from the insurer’s preferred providers.

On the contrary, the Indemnity plan provides compensation regardless of whom the insured traveler receives dental care from. Hence the traveler is not mandated to receive dental treatment from a specific Dentist, as long as such a Dentist accepts to administer dental care on the bases of the dental insurance. And if the Dentists do not accept the insurance, the insured traveler would be billed by the Dentist for receiving treatment. And the insured traveler will recover such payment through a written cheque provided by the insurer. If allowed, the insured may pay an up-front fee, when the pay cheque is acquired from the insurance company.

Additional facts

Dental insurance is relatively affordable in most countries, and it is easy for most people to enjoy the benefits accruing from its coverage, especially if the traveler intends spending a long period of time in the destination country.

Expenses involving Dental care and treatments which are regardless of sudden accidents are not covered by the regular travel medical insurance plan. Hence, the y are different and as such, both of them must be purchased separately, and the medical insurance will not cover the expenses for visiting a Dentist.

For more details, questions or doubts arising from confusing terms and conditions, travelers should contact a licensed insurance agent to provide adequate assistance in selecting a suitable plan that is capable of supporting travelers’ projected dental requirements and budgets.


The Dental insurance is an extensive plan providing coverage for expenses arising from regular cleaning and preventive care of the traveler’s Dental condition.

Just like other insurance plans, the Dental insurance plans has limits and waiting periods before some expensive and severe dental cases may be covered. The dental insurance plan also involves deductibles and co-pays. These plans could be purchased as either PPO or indemnity policies.

Travelers are advised to understand the dental insurance plan and its significance to their lifestyle, expected dental requirement, potential Dentists and period for which the will remain abroad, before purchasing the plan.

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