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Personal liability insurance

Accidents with various degrees of damage occur frequently in various parts of the world. When these unplanned events occur, people like foreigners and tourists may be blamed for such events, and eventually get sued by the affected complainant for several thousands of dollars. And the defendant is forced to commit to such expensive legal action, which may not be financially feasible at that moment. But this circumstances can be resolved by purchasing a travel insurance document, equipped with a personal liability insurance option.

What is a Personal Liability Insurance?

The personal liability insurance is a non-medical option the covers the legal liability arising from property damage or bodily injuries inflicted on a third-party by the policy holder.

For instance, an insured may strike a golf through the wind screen of a third-party’s vehicle unintentionally, or the insured may cause a third-party to twist an ankle during a soccer match. The personal liability insurance will cover the legal liability of the insured due to these damages and injuries caused in the examples above, especially when the third-party sues the insured.

Benefits of the Personal liability insurance

  • Negotiating with the offended party on behalf of the insured.
  • Settlement of legal issues between the insured and offended third-party.
  • Acquisition of a competent advocate to defend the insured.
  • Coverage of cost for defending the insured in cases of litigation.
  • Treatment of an individual, when the insured inflicts injury and pain. This benefit depends on the insured amount. If the cost of treatment exceeds the insured sum, the remaining liability will be borne by the insured.
  • Replacement or repair of a third-party’s property that is damaged by the insured.

What is covered by Personal Liability Insurance?

Provided the insured selects this non-medical option, the insurance shall provide coverage for the following items:

  • Legal liabilities associated with injuries and damages caused by the insured, under the existing jurisdictions of the country in which such an incident occurred.
  • The cost of paying compensation to the injured or complainant in agreement with the insurance Company’s terms and conditions.
  • Expenses on property damage incurred by the insured.

Conditions for Personal liability insurance coverage

  • The insured must have acquired a travel insurance document.
  • The policy holder must have included the personal liability insurance in the travel insurance plan.
  • The insured must have departed the respective country of residence.

What limit applies to the personal liability insurance?

The insurance company’s liability will not exceed the insurance sum stated in the insurance policy document, for any insured individual. Even if:

  • The insured incurs several damages and losses.
  • Several individual can be held responsible.
  • The coverage is provided under one or several policies from the Company.

Numerous insurance companies use various techniques to determine the compensation for legal liabilities. Hence, the insured is required to compare quotes from a considerate amount of insurers, in order to select the policy that applies to his/her lifestyle.

What are the exceptions to personal liability insurance coverage?

Several exceptions may limit the coverage provided by the personal liability insurance. Hence, the insurance company shall not be responsible for reimbursing expense s which are incurred as a result of:

  • Contractual liability involving damages to rentals which are not limited to a rented apartment or house, hotel and their respective properties. Hence, the insured should consult the respective insurance company.
  • Claims associated with the insured’s business or job.
  • Damage or loss of the insured’s property, or a properties loaned by the insured.
  • Loss or damages incurred by the insured on any of the insured’s family member, co-worker or co-traveler.
  • Damages caused by the insured’s pet.
  • Claims arising from situations whereby the insured transmits infectious diseases to a third-party.
  • Damages caused by the insured’s vehicle, especially if the vehicle’s engine power exceeds the specified magnitude calculated in Horse Powers, in the insurance policy document.
  • Legal liability associated with injury or property damage caused intentionally or due to gross negligence on the part of the insured.
  • Claims arising as consequence of gross misconduct by the insured or indulgence in any illegal activity.
  • Situations involving punitive charges against the insured.

What to do when charges are placed against the insured?

The insured should inform the respective insurance company through a telephone call with the insurer’s customer care.

The insured should provide personal details corresponding to the information stated in his/her policy document.

Explain the exact occurrence of event.

Cooperate with the customer care by adhering to their instructions. If the policy holder doesn’t understand them, more clarification should be requested.

The insured should avoid settling the case alone with the third-party, and leave all negotiations and settlement to the expert representing the insurer and defending the insured.

The insured is advised to always be in possession of the insurance company phone number. It is wise to jot down the aforementioned number in dairies and save the number within the insured’s phone contact.


Personal liability insurance protects the insured from penalties that could be suffered as a result of damaging or inflicting bodily injuries and pains on a third-party. Provided the insured includes this non-medical option in the respective insurance policy document.

In general several cases may be covered by this insurance option, and other cases are not covered. It is of utmost important, that you contact your insurer concerning the coverable and non-coverable cases.

The insured is obligated to request for support during distress, provided his/her insurance policy document is capable of providing such coverage. And it is not wise for the insured to defend himself/ herself, unless when it is strictly necessary.

Complete mastery of the insurance policy will enable the insured to inquire about issues in the right manner.

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